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Frequently Asked Questions About Membership 

How do I join the Texoma RC Modelers Club?

Membership in our club is easy and we are proud to have the lowest dues in the North Texas area. To be a member of the Texoma RC Modelers Club you must first be a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). To join the AMA follow this link On AMA's web site you can sign up for membership or print a membership application and mail it in. Once you have confirmation of your membership you are ready to join us. Click this link Membership_Application and fill it out online then print it. Sign the application and either mail it to the address on the form, turn it in to D&D Hobby Shop, or bring it to one of our monthly club meetings. The meetings start at 7:00 PM the first Thursday of each month. The most current information on the time, date, and location of the Monthly Meetings is posted on the "Home" page of this website. You can also call one of the club officers listed on the "Contact Us" page for more information. 

How old do I have to be to join the club?

While we do not have an age restriction, you need to be of sufficient age to understand the inherent dangers of model aircraft. The single biggest danger is a spinning propeller. Safety of the pilots and spectators is our most important concern and we have safety rules that must be understood and followed at all times. Membership dues for Junior members is half that of Regular members. Minors must have the consent of their parent or guardian to join the club and must be accompanied while at the flying fields.

 I want to learn to fly but don't know where to start. What should I do first?

The First and most import thing to understand is if you have purchased an airplane and have never flow it... DON'T!! If you attempt to fly on your own without the help of an experienced pilot YOU WILL CRASH. There goes your investment and desire to learn with it.

If you haven't purchased an airplane yet, you don't have to. Come to us and we will provide everything you need to try out the sport before you invest a penny. This a free service we offer to all newcomers interested in model aviation. We have Instructor Pilots who are very qualified to get you started. After you have had a chance to fly, then decide if you want to pursue model aviation. Our members can give you advice on what and where to purchase your first plane. We don't sell planes so this is not a trap to get you to buy from us.

 Where does the Texoma RC Modelers Club Fly?

We have two flying sites. Our primary site is about 7 miles West of Sherman, Texas and 1 1/2 miles North East of Southmayd, Texas. This has been the home of the Texoma RC Modelers Club since 1973. We have a secondary (undeveloped) site at the Texas side of the Denison Dam, Lake Texoma. Our members have full use of both sites 24/7.

 Does the club do anything other than fly?

We are a flying club after all! However, we do have an occasional static display. As a member you are eligible to compete in monthly "Fun Fly" competitions. These are competitions where you fly in a variety of events to earn points and gift certificates redeemable at D&D Hobby Shop. You also earn points for an Annual Points Race where awards are given to the top ten pilots at our annual Christmas Party. We hold membership meetings monthly where we discuss club business and plan for upcoming events, schedule field improvement projects, etc. We also plan various events that involve local groups such as the Boy Scouts and Big Brothers-Big Sisters.

 Who do I call for more information about joining the club or training?

Go to our "Contacts" page for contact information. Send one of the members an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

 What is the training program?

Our club has several members who volunteer to help the "Rookies". They will go over everything in extreme detail in order to keep you (and us) safe. We don't want you to destroy your new plane on the first day. When it comes to the actual flying, (which you will do on day one), we use something called a "Buddy Box". This is a dummy controller that is connected by a cable to your controller. With the use of a spring loaded switch, the actual control of the airplane is transferred back and forth between the Buddy Box and the actual controller. The instructor will get the plane in the air and when you are ready, he holds the spring loaded switch which gives you complete control over the plane. If you get in trouble, he simply releases the spring loaded switch and assumes control of the plane to prevent a crash. He then flies the plane back to a safe altitude and location where he returns control back to you for more practice. This system works extremely well. As your flying skills improve, you will be performing a variety of maneuvers including loops, rolls, take off, and landings. When the instructor feels that you are ready, it's time to "Solo". Just how long the entire process takes is entirely based on each individuals ability to learn how to fly.

Enough of the hype, how much is this going to cost me?

That is a very tough question to answer, but here are some guidelines. AMA dues will cost you no more than $58.00 for a regular membership. Free for minors. Club dues are $48.00 per year for regular members and $24.00 Junior members. Family membership is the same as a regular membership, it just has more names on it but no extra fees for club dues. We also have a $35.00 mowing deposit for regular memberships that is refunded to the member when/if they help mow the flying field one time during the year. So the most you would pay for a membership is $83.00 per year ($35 of which is refundable which makes it $48.00) plus AMA membership at $58.00.

That was the easy part. The hard part of this question is how much you will pay for airplanes and equipment. You can go to the hobby shops and purchase a trainer setup with everything you need to get started for around $150.00 or less. These deals will include fuel, airplane, transmitter and the accessories you will need. Or you could go to the other end of the spectrum and spend $8000.00 on just an airplane. You could actually spend more if you are so inclined. With that said, you are looking at about $106.00 per year for AMA and Club dues, the rest is up to you. Go online to the various hobby shops and see what interests you. Just be sure to keep it simple until you are sure that you are going to stick with it. A word of caution, try to avoid the temptation to jump straight into scale aircraft such as military war birds. These aircraft are not for beginners.