FAA Registration

Know before you fly link

KBYF_Logoaba1Lot's of information about the rules everyone needs to be aware of in regards to the new FAA rulings and registration requirements.

FAA Registration Link

weight-applicibilityThis is where you go to register with the FAA to comply with the new law. There is a $5.00 fee to register. If you register on or before January 20, 2016 the fee is refunded. Everyone is currently required to register no later than February 19, 2016 to be in compliance with the new FAA regulations.

AMA Blogs

9A3375D55FEE4BF7B1D57E3FCA0F19ADHere you can read the blogs published by the AMA on their official web site regarding their recommendations. As of December 17th, 2016, they are recommending that you DO NO register until they ask you to or February 19th, 2016, whichever comes first.